Μίτωση & Μείωση (13 Μικρ. Παρασκευάσματα)

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Μίτωση & Μείωση (13 Μικροσκοπικά Παρασκευάσματα)


  1. Adult testis
  2. Meiotic Stages
  3. Ovary, mature female
  4. Ascaris megalocephala embryology. Sec. of uteri showing maturation stages (meiosis). Polar bodies can be seen.
  5. Giant chromosomes, smear from salivary gland, carefully fixed and stained
  6. Lilium, anther t.s., microspore mother cells showing telophase of first and prophase of second (homeotypic) division
  7. Lilium, anther t.s., microspore mother cells showing metaphase and anaphase of second (homeotypic) division (mitosis)
  8. Meiotic and mitotic stages in sec. of Salamandra testis. Many meiotic and mitotic stages can be observed
  9. Mitosis, l.s. from Allium root tips showing all stages of plant mitosis carefully stained with iron-hematoxyline after Heidenhain
  10. Mitosis, l.s. from Vicia faba (bean) root tips showing all mitotic stages. Iron hematoxyline stained
  11. Mitotic stages in sec. of whitefish blastula showing spindles
  12. Paramaecium, in fission, nuclei stained
  13. Spermatogenesis with meiotic and mitotic stages, sec. of testis of Carausius, grasshopper, carefully stained

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