TechCard Move it Kit 10 Models

Investigate simple mechanisms

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Investigate simple mechanisms

TechCard Move it Kit 10 Models

The TechCard Move it Kit explores how simple mechanisms are used to transmit and alter the forces applied to them. Pupils learn that complex machines are combinations of these simple mechanisms and that these are all, in turn, variations of the lever.

The 10 models include:

  • Mechanical Hammer
  • Crank Powered Merry-Go-Round
  • Spinning Spiral Toy
  • Pull-Cord Fairground Ride
  • Snapping Crab
  • Somersaulting Acrobat
  • Rubber Band Powered Dragster
  • Pull-Cord Up & Over Fairground Ride
  • Cam Powered Boat
  • Mars Rover with Rotating Antennae

The kit also includes teacher’s notes, discovery pack with additional models and individual assembly instructions with a ‘Follow the Force’ section for each model.

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