LEGO Education Academy TBA

Opening soon!

Official Training in STEM methodology and Educational Robotics

Learn from educators with Olympic participation and distinctions, with many years of experience in educational robotics and, of course, the certification of the LEGO Education Academy

Certified robotic seminars for teachers and education professionals

Certified educators of Knowledge Research will teach you everything you need to know regarding STEM, Educational Robotics and introducing them into the educational process. With LEGO Education Academy, you will learn the teaching methods of tomorrow that will take off your career. You will understand the natural sciences, starting from the basic engineering of Simple Machines. Covering all educational levels, from Kindergarten to Senior High School, each grade is trained on the relevant educational material, on how to use the product and how to introduce it to the educational process. We provide the formal education and certification of LEGO Education in Greece and Cyprus. The participants have the opportunity to complete the training and feel confident by saying “I am able to integrate educational robotics into my class, I can easily apply the techniques of the future to my daily teaching.”

Why LEGO Education Academy?

  • The seminars are facilitated by experienced trainers
  • The projects are adapted and tested
  • Expand and upgrade your educational services
  • Training to participate in educational robotics competitions by WRO Olympians
  • International certification directly from LEGO Education Academy

Training Includes

  • Hands-on activities 10 minutes into the seminar
  • Theory and conversation
  • Curriculum connected projects
  • Lesson plans