One of the most direct methods that allow schools and students to learn about “science” is to use the Microscience packages. This practical approach to science is part of a UNESCO initiative: the UNESCO Global Microscience Experiments Project, with centers in countries such as South Africa, Cameroon and Norway.

Another key objective of the program is to cover all levels of education, from primary, secondary and tertiary education. Thus, these packages cover science education from basic to advanced level and are accompanied by instructions describing all their possible uses.

This MicroScience approach offers new educational tools in both developing and developed countries. The program contributes to capacity building even in areas where there is no laboratory infrastructure. Experimental techniques used on a small scale cover everything necessary, for example, from separating the elements of mixtures to measuring the reactions of chemicals.

This global “Micro Education” program is a practical, direct and interactive educational process enabling primary, secondary and university students to come into contact with the world of physics, chemistry and biology, using packages that come with instructions describing all the scientific experiments. These packages are actually integrated small workshops. They are cost-effective and absolutely safe for students as they never have to use anything more than one or two drops of chemicals for their experiments.

The broader goals of the program are:

• Promoting the good sciences through the use of “Micro Science” as a tool in the hands of educational policy makers.

• Improve science curricula by incorporating practical tests and experiments to better understand the positive sciences.

• Increase young people’s interest in science as well as contribute to the development of scientific knowledge and the choice of a career in the natural sciences.

• Contribute to the development of positive science skills, improve the scientific way of thinking as well as the students’ experimentation.

Educational material

Microchemistry Advanced Kit

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MicroBiology Learners Kit

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MicroScale Science Kit for Student

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