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Black Fingerprint Powder 2 oz

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Black Fingerprint Powder 2 oz Black Fingerprint Powder 2 oz Take your latent fingerprinting activities to the next level of

Chemilluminscience in Blood Stain Detection

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Crime scene investigators examine the scene of a possible violent crime for evidence, such as fingerprints, hair, fibres, etc. After

Dusting for Fingertips

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To identify different types of fingerprints and distinguishing characteristics, as well as dusting for fingerprints, the most commonly used method

Forensic Chemistry – Chemical Detection Of Fingerprints

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Forensic Chemistry: Chemical Detection of Fingerprints Utilise alternative methods for detecting fingerprints. Examine some possible methods of gathering evidence when

Forensic Chemistry of Document Analysis

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The school library&apos s computers have been stolen. Left behind was a ransom note demanding money. Help solve the crime

Forensic Science

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A multitude of comprehensive forensic investigations! As the lead investigators, the class will be exposed to many aspects of a