Demonstrator Magnetic Field Set 3 pcs

44,90 55,68 με ΦΠΑ 520624
Demonstrator Magnetic Field Set 3 pcs Demonstrator Magnetic Field Set 3 pcs Set of three conductors (linear – circular –
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Demonstrator Magnetic Field, set of 4

62,90 78,00 με ΦΠΑ 562404
Set of 4 Conductors (Solenoid conductor, Rectangular conductor, Round conductor, Straight conductor) with plexiglass base and 4mm sockets for use
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Mutual Induction Apparatus, 2x Coils & Iron Core

15,50 19,22 με ΦΠΑ 522201
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Primary and secondary coils with 4mm socket

39,90 49,48 με ΦΠΑ 522202
Primary and secondary coils with 4mm socket Primary and secondary coils are wound on robust molded formers fitted with shielded
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Current Balance

59,00 73,16 με ΦΠΑ 512301
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Current Balance with weights

161,21 199,90 με ΦΠΑ 506242
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Current Balance

59,90 74,28 με ΦΠΑ 501851
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Electromagnetic Kit – Compass

5,90 7,32 με ΦΠΑ 502010
Electromagnetic Kit – Compass
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Electric Bell

12,90 16,00 με ΦΠΑ 520625
Electric Bell On wooden base. With battery holder. Can operate with power supply 6V DC or with batteries.
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Simple Electric Motor

19,90 24,68 με ΦΠΑ 590580
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Motor Generator

32,26 40,00 με ΦΠΑ 590530
Electric Motor
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Electric Motor Kit

48,39 60,00 με ΦΠΑ 501239
The Electric Motor Kit comprises all the part required to build 6 model motors as in the electromagnetic kit.
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Electricity – Electromagnetism – Classroom for 4 groups

80,64 99,99 με ΦΠΑ 900602S
This set is designed for use in the 2 last classes of hellenic primary schools. Includes all the necessary materials
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Electromagnet 5V DC

8,87 11,00 με ΦΠΑ 550108
Electromagnet 5V DC Electromagnet 5V DC Input voltage: 5V DC Diameter: 25mm Height: 20mm Holding Force: 5kgr
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Electromagnet DIY Kit

5,90 7,32 με ΦΠΑ 999621
Electromagnet DIY Kit Make your own electromagnet with thiw easy to use Electromagnet DIY Kit.  
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29,90 37,08 με ΦΠΑ 550106
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U Type Electro-Magnet 4-6V

23,39 29,00 με ΦΠΑ 550105
U Type Electro-Magnet 4-6V U Type Electro-Magnet 4-6V When electric current runs through both coils of copper wire, it produces
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U Type Electro-Magnet

19,90 24,68 με ΦΠΑ 550107
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Copper Wire

Copper Wire Copper Wire Available in: Diameter 0.18mm 100m/roll (33 AWG , 37 SWG) Diameter 0.30mm 100m/roll (28 AWG ,

Copper wire

4,90 6,08 με ΦΠΑ 666010
Copper wire
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Bare Copper Wire 1mm x 15m Roll

13,71 17,00 με ΦΠΑ 511004
Bare Copper Wire diameter 1mm 15m Roll
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Copper Wire reel 250g

Available in:
  • 20 SWG / 250g
  • 22 SWG / 250g
  • 30 SWG / 250g
  • 32 SWG / 250g

Lenz’s Law Tube

48,39 60,00 με ΦΠΑ 552207
Lenz’s Law Tube The Lenz’s Law Tube consists of a pipe with a diameter of 35mm and a height of
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Eddy Current Demonstration

29,90 37,08 με ΦΠΑ 552209
Foucault nEddy Current
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Laplace Force Apparatus

24,90 30,88 με ΦΠΑ 570920
Comprising a strong U-shaped magnet and a pair of brass rails with 4mm socket terminals. An axle with plastic discs
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EMF Strength Meter

286,73 355,55 με ΦΠΑ 880836
Ideal for EMF measurements of mobile/cell phones, base stations and microwave leakage Measurement optimized for 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2.7GHz Manual store/recall up to 99 sets
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Magnetizer Apparatus

63,90 79,24 με ΦΠΑ 522516
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Magnetizer & Remagnitizer Apparatus

199,00 246,76 με ΦΠΑ 510815
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Lenz Law Kit

45,90 56,92 με ΦΠΑ 551270
Lenz’s Law Kit The Lenz’s Law Kit provides the necessary tools to discover concepts involving Farady’s Law, magnetism, and eddy
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Electomagnetic Field Meter

199,00 246,76 με ΦΠΑ 888822
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Oersted’s Law Apparatus

15,90 19,72 με ΦΠΑ 670800
It is a simple device in order to understand the experiment of OERSTED. It consists of a frame which becomes
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Simulation of Spot Welding Machine

44,50 55,18 με ΦΠΑ 552403
Simulation of Spot Welding Machine Coil, 5 turns 4 mm terminals  
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Photoelectric Effect Apparatus

150,00 186,00 με ΦΠΑ 672220
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Faraday’s Cage

19,90 24,68 με ΦΠΑ 507505
Διαστάσεις: 120mm (διάμετρος) * 265mm (ύψος)
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Door Bell Kit

7,26 9,00 με ΦΠΑ 405129
Door Bell Kit Functional model with two coils for connection to 4.5v battery. Pack with all parts and instructions.
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Electric Motor Premium

7,67 9,51 με ΦΠΑ 407388
Νew electric motor project which is simple to make, with high running speeds The thicker windings hinder the necessity for
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