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Spoon & Spatula (160mm)

2,70 incl. VAT 340139
Spoon &amp Spatula (160mm) Made of stainless steel 160mm long.

Spatula-Spoon plastic blue

0,951,20 incl. VAT
Spatula-Spoon plastic blue Spatula-Spoon plastic blue Made of plastic Colour: blue Available in 3 sizes: 160mm 180mm 200mm

Spatula-Spoon plastic red

2,803,00 incl. VAT
Spatula-Spoon plastic red Spatula-Spoon plastic red Made of plastic Colour: Red Available in 2 sizes: 180mm 210mm

Spoon, Double Heads (210mm)

2,36 incl. VAT 340138
Spoon, Double Heads Made of stainless steel 210mm long.


2,192,91 incl. VAT
Spatulas In laboratories, spatulas and microspatulas are small stainless steel utensils, used for scraping, transferring, or applying powders and paste-like