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Burette Brush

3,505,00 incl. VAT
Burettes Brush
  • Brush for Burettes 10ml, overall length 510mm
  • Brush for Burettes 25ml, overall length 610mm
  • Brush for Burettes 50ml, overall length 760mm
  • Brush for Burettes 100ml, overall length 915mm

Brush, Pipette Bristle

2,50 incl. VAT 340218
Brush, Pipette Bristle
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Brush for Cylinder

2,733,99 incl. VAT
Brushes for Cylinders
  • Small with brush dimensions 50 x 170 mm and overall length 370mm
  • Medium with brush dimensions 65 x 150 mm and overall length 685mm
  • Large with brush dimensions 75 x 160 mm and overall length 685mm

Flask Brush

1,505,90 incl. VAT
Flask Brushes
  • Size 2 overall length 280mm
  • Size 5 overall length 310mm
  • Size 10 overall length 355mm
  • Size 12 overall length 600mm

Brush for Flasks

3,103,60 incl. VAT
Available in 2 dimensions:
  • 350*110*50mm
  • 450*130*50mm

Wide neck Flask Brush

3,00 incl. VAT 340200
Wide neck Flask Brush with wooden handle, overall length 380mm Wide neck Flask Brush with wooden handle overall length 380mm
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Brush for Beaker

2,603,99 incl. VAT
Brush for Beaker Brush for Beaker Available in 2 sizes (brush width x brush height): Small with dimensions 75 x

Laboratory Brush

2,006,50 incl. VAT
Laboratory Brush A Laboratory Brush or spout brush is a brush used for cleaning test tubes and narrow mouth laboratory

Laboratory Brush for Flasks

3,304,01 incl. VAT
Laboratory Brush for Flasks
  • small with overall length 150mm
  • medium with overall length 200mm
  • large with overall length 240mm