WorkShop for BeeBot - Διερευνητική Μάθηση

Getting to Know / Introducing “BeeBot” Features
(Presentation of Algorithmic Procedures Using Real Object in Interdisciplinary Activities)
BeeBot, “The Smart Bee”, is an educational platform for introducing educational robotics to elementary school students (A & B)

The BeeBot is a programmable floor robot and is a specially designed robot to be used even by preschoolers, but mainly primary schoolers. It is programmed with on-board keys and can be programmed to move precisely around the space just as the LOGO turtle does on the PC.

BeeBot has a friendly and enjoyable design that satisfies students (and teachers!). It moves on smooth flat and slightly sloping surfaces of various materials such as: paper, canvas, cement, tile, wood, plastic, carpet.

Through a variety of scenarios and missions, students learn to collaborate and plan their BeeBot route to successfully complete the problem that the teacher poses each time.

In our company, you can find out about the capabilities of the education platform for introduction to BeeBot Educational Robotics (ICT Elementary).

BeeBot presentationWorkShop for BeeBot - Διερευνητική Μάθηση

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