Extracting DNA – Do Onions Strawberries and Bananas Have DNA?

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Extracting DNA
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What Does DNA Look Like?

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What Does DNA Look Like? Lab Investigation – What Does DNA Look Like? Most of your class may think that
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MicroBiology Learners Kit

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Perform a lot of experiments of microscale food analysis & enzyme testing, test for carbohydrates & enzyme actions with this MicroBiology Learners Kit.
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ABO-Rh Typing KIT

99,50 incl. VAT 202113
A Realistically simulate blood typing without the hazards of real blood. Using actual blood typing procedures, your students will classify
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Electrophoresis Agarose Gel Separation of Dyes

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Gram Staining of Bacteria

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Genes & Propability

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The Milk

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Witness the thrill of discovery through active student participation! Explore a host of key scientific concepts using a familiar drink
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Sim Diabetes Testing LAB

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In the UK there are more than 2 million people known to have diabetes and it is estimated that well
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Enzymatic Hydrolysis Kit

173,60 incl. VAT 200869
Learners can observe the biochemical reactions in cells through investigations of the reaction rates of enzymes when temperature, hand enzyme
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Simulating DNA Paternity Test

158,60 incl. VAT 201955
With this package students will conduct a simplified version of the DNA fingerprint analysis process and determine the likelihood that the alleged father is the biological father. Generally 3-6 matching DNA probes are required to produce a 99.0% first degree affinity.
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Chemical Identification of Biomolecules

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