Dancing Challenge Mat

45,00 incl. VAT
Dancing Challenge Mat ♬ [Durable & Anti-Slip] : The dance mat, is made of premium PEVA, safe and odorless. The

Mouth Organ in Paper Box

12,00 incl. VAT 900072
Mouth Organ in Paper Box Size: 13 cm, Material: metal paper box 16 tones
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Wooden Sound Prisms – Pk12

34,00 incl. VAT 973277
Wooden Sound Prisms – Pk12 Our Wooden Sound Prims have been redesigned with a wider variety of sound pairings and
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Translucent Musical Counters

24,80 incl. VAT 997901
Translucent Musical Counters Set of translucent counters in various colors and in the shape of musical notes. With this game, boys
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Rattle 23cm

9,90 incl. VAT 904698
Rattle 23cm Rattle 23cm With 4 bells. Powerful sound
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Rattle 30cm

12,00 incl. VAT 905799
Rattle 30cm Rattle 30cm With 6 bells. Dimensions: 26 x 5 cm
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Pentagram Magnetic Board

24,80 incl. VAT 984145
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Colored Lacquered Wooden Castanets

6,00 incl. VAT 904155
Colored Lacquered Wooden Castanets Colored Lacquered Wooden Castanets 1 pair made of red & blue painted wood With elastic cords
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Drum 20cm

22,00 incl. VAT 904143
Drum 20cm Drum 20cm covered with natural fur tunable with clamping screws Including mallet Diameter: 20cm
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50,00 incl. VAT 985043
Bongos Bongos made in hardwood and real skins giving two distinct tones. Supports the following areas of learning: Expressive Arts
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Tone Wood Block

9,90 incl. VAT 904148
Tone Wood Block Tone Wood Block Made of natural wood Dimensions: 3x6x16cm
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Boomwhackers – Set 8

40,00 incl. VAT 906936
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Hand bells

6,50 incl. VAT 985061
Hand bells Hand bells Bracelets with Bells They tie to the wrist with velcro. Two pieces.
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Hand Bells

5,01 incl. VAT 908310
Hand Bells Hand Bells Bracelet with Bells made of durable plastic. On the bracelet are placed 10 bells. Very attractive
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Egg Shakers

9,99 incl. VAT 904955
Egg Shakers Egg Shakers | Mini maracas in the form and the size of an egg with a subtle difference
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Claves – Laurel (pair)

9,90 incl. VAT 909796
Claves – Laurel (pair) Claves – Laurel (pair) Cylindrical Woods of 20cm Diameter 24mm
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Headless Tambourine 20cm

9,90 incl. VAT 905260
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Headless Tambourine 10inch

10,50 incl. VAT 905261
Headless Tambourine 10inch Headless Tambourine 10inch Tambourine without Membrane 25cm – (10 “) With eight pairs of jingles on the
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Wooden Maracas

7,00 incl. VAT 985047
Wooden Maracas Wooden Maracas For endless music play in the classroom. Dimensions: 16 x 7.6 x 5.8cm
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19,00 incl. VAT 988810
Xylophone Xylophone Ideal for young students to start playing xylophone. The bars have different color and tone and create a
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26,04 incl. VAT 490028
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Egg Shaker Maracas 12cm – Set 2

8,49 incl. VAT 905396
Egg Shaker Maracas 12cm – Set 2 Egg Shaker Maracas 12cm – Set 2 Egg shakers with handles. Supplied in
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Plastic Maracas (pair)

9,90 incl. VAT 985051
Plastic Maracas (pair) Large Plastic Maracas (pair) Color: Red Dimensions: 22.5 x 10.5 x 8.5cm
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Tuning Fork (2pcs) 470Hz & 250Hz

9,80 incl. VAT 637880
Tuning Fork (2pcs) 470Hz & 250Hz Metallic Frequency – Amount: 470Hz – 83mm (the small one) 250Hz – 110mm (the
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Body bells

8,56 incl. VAT 908857
Body bells Body bells Belt with 10 Bells At both ends, it is joined with velcro. Very attractive for children.
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Hand Drum

21,0125,00 incl. VAT
Hand Drum Hand Drum | Tunable drum with tersion rods. Plastic heads have a constant tuning. No need to retune then

Musicians SET

45,00 incl. VAT 985101
Musicians SET Musicians SET | Consists of 10 musical instruments in a practical and transparent bag for easy transport and
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Μusical Ιnstrument Set

75,00 incl. VAT 900623
Μusical Ιnstrument Set The set is packed in a compact bag and is a great gift for those who love
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Μusical Ιnstrument Set 13pcs

48,00 incl. VAT 900513
Μusical Ιnstrument Set 13pcs The set is packed in a compact bag and is a great gift for those who
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Triangle 8inch

9,5711,00 incl. VAT
Triangle 8inch Triangle 15cm & 20cm Metal triangle with catch and metal rod. Size 15cm & 20cm Ø 8 mm

C Recorder

7,90 incl. VAT 905134
C Recorder C Recorder | Made of high-quality non-toxic plastic ideal for students.
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