Thermometer (-10 – 150), alcohol

4,60 incl. VAT 413965
Thermometer (-10 – 150), alcohol Thermometer (-10 – 150), alcohol Thermometer with hang -10 to 150°C Suitable for laboratory use
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Giant Classroom Thermometer (75cm)

45,76 incl. VAT 100399
Giant Classroom Thermometer (75cm) Giant Classroom Thermometer (75cm) Largest working thermometer available for class display! 30” wall-mounted thermometer has 23&quot
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Infrared Thermometer «Mini»

40,80 incl. VAT 841110
Infrared Thermometer «Mini» Excellent and very easy-to-use Infrared Thermometer “Mini”. Within a second you can safely measure surface temperatures without
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Thermometer Operation Demo

19,72 incl. VAT 195747
Thermometer Operation Demo Thermometer Operation Demo Comes with an adjustable band and both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Boiling, body, room,
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Set of 2 Jars Black – White

7,32 incl. VAT 650650
Δοχεία Αλουμινίου Μαύρο Άσπρο κατάλληλα για πειράματα απορρόφησης θερμότητας.
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Boiling Point Thermometers (set of 10)

28,00 incl. VAT 802415
Boiling Point Thermometers (set of 10) Boiling Point Thermometers (set of 10) Thermometers inside a plastic case set of 10
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