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B-Bot Biped Bot

51,27 63,57 με ΦΠΑ 438535
B-Bot Biped Bot demonstrates something innate to all humans but learned by many robot designers: bipedal motion

Bi-plane (Easy Line)

8,06 9,99 με ΦΠΑ 400939
Easy-Line Bi-plane A decorative model of a Biplane from the year 1919. Wingspan 200 mm Length 200 mm Attractive project

C-Bot Crawler Bot

35,50 44,02 με ΦΠΑ 438287
This crawling critter (C-Bot Crawler Bot) isn’t a pest – it’s a fun kit that utilizes mechanics and water power to crawl across the floor or other flat surfaces.


17,25 21,39 με ΦΠΑ 435630
Alexander the Great used catapults. Richard the Lionheart used them. Now you can use the Catapult Kit to overthrow lackluster activities in the classroom! n nBuild and experiment with your own rubber band-powered catapult! n nStudents discover the effects of various load masses and different rubber bands as they also learn about tension, forces, data graphing, and other concepts. n nRequires white glue, not included.

Crane Kit

37,28 46,23 με ΦΠΑ 432869
Δώστε στους μαθητές ένα πλεονέκτημα – να ανακαλύψουν το ταλέντο τους στη μηχανική που είναι συνυφασμένη με τους γερανούς, με το Σετ Κατασκευής Γερανού!

Dumper trucks, wood kit

22,00 27,28 με ΦΠΑ 480206
Dumper trucks, wood kit (1:25) 250 x 100 x 90 mm Wood kit of pre-cut panels, the parts are pushed

Fluid Power Car

51,74 64,16 με ΦΠΑ 438538
Using two syringes, a gear train, and special bearings, this hydraulic-powered car moves forward even when you pull back on

G-Bot Gator Bot

52,53 65,14 με ΦΠΑ 438536
Building this G-Bot Gator Bot opens students’ eyes as to how linear motion can be converted into rotary motion via

Helicopter with Solar Panel

13,00 16,12 με ΦΠΑ 406599
Εasy to build plywood with pre-cut pieces No need for glue and sanding Solar cell 0,5 V 250 mA In case of unsuitable weather it

J-Bot Jungle Bot

48,30 59,89 με ΦΠΑ 438537
Aυτός o μικρός υδραυλικός εξερευνητής (J-Bot Jungle Bot) ανεβαίνει σε όλα τα "σχοινιά" για να φτάσει στον προορισμό του.

Off Road Vehicle Hummer

7,50 9,30 με ΦΠΑ 402551
Easy-Line Off road vehicle Hummer Construction set-Variation of classic off road vehicle. Colours scheme left your own ideas.