Cotton Hammock Swing Chair

35,01 incl. VAT 900073
This Cotton Hammock Swing Chair makes a nice addition to your household. Ideal for hanging on your porch or the
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Double Rocking Crocodile

56,00 incl. VAT 920066
Double Rocking Crocodile Incredible children’s toy Double Rocking Crocodile for young children aged one year and above. This is a
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Rope Ladder

50,00 incl. VAT 900498
The rope ladder for the wall bars makes it possible to perform a wider range of exercises aimed at strengthening
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Sensory Pea Pod

75,01 incl. VAT 900058
Inflate the sensory pea pod and watch your child explore a new comfort spot in your home or kid’s sensory
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Wooden Play Table

79,00 incl. VAT 973374
Wooden Play Table Low level multi-purpose table, the ideal height for younger children. Fold out legs lock into place with a
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Carpet Bounce 95×200 cm

70,01 incl. VAT 910099
Carpet Bounce 95×200 cm Bouncing fun for bad weather days… Flowers, beetles and butterflies on the huge carpet are watching.
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Exploration Circle Set – Colour Trays

240,00 incl. VAT 938062
Exploration Circle Set – Colour Trays 4 coloured quadrant trays with a grey metal stand forming a sturdy activity circle.
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Large 4-Domed Acrylic Mirror Panel – 49cm

95,01 incl. VAT 972406
Large 4-Domed Acrylic Mirror Panel – 49cm Made from scratch resistant acrylic these mirror panels are safe and ideal for
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Crib kitchen

170,00 incl. VAT 956136
Crib kitchen The ideal height for crèche children to promote role play ideal for children from 1 to 4 years
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Wooden Kitchen and Dishwasher

110,00 incl. VAT 900064
Wooden Kitchen and Dishwasher An adorable wooden children’s kitchen with washing machine ideal in height and size for young children
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Relaxation Cushion “Quiet Corner”

Relaxation Cushion “Quiet Corner” for the well-equipped relaxation area Flake filling in chamber inlet Cover is removable and washable Recreational
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Indoor beanbag chinos

Indoor beanbag chinos Indoor beanbags with high comfort washable supple filling available in many colors The classic among the beanbags
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Sport gymnastics mat with eyelets

25,00 incl. VAT 933903
Sport gymnastics mat with eyelets including 2 rubber bands with metal eyelets for hanging robust and easy to care for
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Minimobil 9 cm

23,00 incl. VAT 927470
Minimobil 9 cm Children’s favorite game: cars! Made of durable non-toxic plastic for endless hours of play and fun! It
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Numberblocks Reusable Clings

39,01 incl. VAT 994746
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Active World Tuff Tray Cover

54,00 incl. VAT 906090
A useful, hard wearing cover for your Active World Tray
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Betzold table tent, red

45,00 incl. VAT 958813
Betzold table tent, red So every table becomes a playhouse Curtains with Velcro 2 opening windows very robust fabric  
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Minimobil Traffic Box

16,00 incl. VAT 997096
Simulates the usual environment of a city or town, in which boys and girls develop.Ages 3 to 6 years old
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Carrier 10 Charging Station

1.200,00 incl. VAT 902948
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iQ 10 Charging Station

890,00 incl. VAT 903236
Charge, store and secure up to 10 iPad and Tablet devices. The iQ 10 Charging Station can turn any wall, desk or countertop into a safe place to charge mobile devices.
  • Wall and desktop mounting
  • Compatible with most iPad and Tablets
  • Charges 10 devices simultaneously
  • Secures up to 10 devices
  • Includes 2 baskets from LocknCharge
  • Lifetime warranty
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Children’s table RONY 2220

169,00 incl. VAT 902220
Children’s table RONY 2220 4 adjustable metal legs. MDF tabletop. Polypropylene injected edges. Dimensions: 1150 x 600 x adjustable mm
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Minifloop Folding School Table with Wheels and Brake

409,00 incl. VAT
Minifloop is a folding school table with wheels and a brake. It is also ideal for multi-purpose rooms. In addition,

Children’s table RONY 2221

169,00 incl. VAT 902221
Children’s table RONY 2221 Children’s table RONY 2221 4 adjustable metal legs MDF tabletop Polypropylene injected edges. Dimensions: ?95 cm
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Gigo – Gear Kit for All-in-One Learning Board

34,00 incl. VAT 911953
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Gigo – Word Building Center

53,00 incl. VAT 901401
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Gigo – Work Cards for Word Building Center

27,01 incl. VAT 901402
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Gigo – Activity Cards for Gear Kit

22,00 incl. VAT 911954
Gigo – Activity Cards for Gear Kit Gigo – Activity Cards for Gear Kit | 6 activity cards for Gear kit,
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