Quartz Movement Set

9,90 incl. VAT 423137
Quartz movement – Set IV Contents: 1 quartz movement, clockwise rotation, 5 mm wall thickness, 1 cover cap, black, 1

Silver Wire

4,01 incl. VAT
Silver Wire For various constructions and crafts In two dimensions: 0,40 mm x 20 m 0,60 mm x 10 m

Self-adhesive steel tape – Price per meter

4,30 incl. VAT 573950
Self-adhesive steel tape – Price per meter Practical and versatile for magnets Width 35 mm attached in no time  

Bare Spring Steel Clip (17 – 22 mm)

0,50 incl. VAT 425074
Bare Spring Steel Clip (17 – 22 mm) Spring steel clip, bright For stable, slightly raised attachment of motors (motor

Submarine Motor WaterProof

8,00 incl. VAT 464451
Submarine Motor WaterProof Submarine Motor WaterProof Submersible motor in plastic housing with rubber sucker for attachment. Powered by 1 x

Gauze Plaster DAS 3m x 8cm 4pcs

9,65 incl. VAT 914068
Gauze Plaster DAS 3m x 8cm, 4pcs

Thermochromic Smart Cord

1,50 incl. VAT 523001
This unique polythene extrusion has some remarkable characteristics and may be used as a single-lesson introduction to smart materials. Below

Magnet Adhesive Tape 3m

12,00 incl. VAT 410175
Magnet Adhesive Tape 3m Magnet Adhesive Tape 3m Self-adhesive, to fix small magnetic objects, multipolar Size: approx. 3 m x

Plaster of Paris 1kg

7,73 incl. VAT 433108
Plaster of Paris 1kg Plaster of Paris 1kg Easy moulding / modelling material. Just add water! 1Kg bag.

Plaster CMP 1000gr GESSO

7,50 incl. VAT 910720
Plaster CMP 1000gr GESSO


4,20 incl. VAT 945845

Caterpillar Track Large (perimeter 455mm)

4,46 incl. VAT 405068
Caterpillar Track Large (perimeter 455mm) 139 mm, perimeter ca. 455 mm, 34 mm wide, black with centre guide. Made fom

The thermal imaging card

12,00 incl. VAT 405828
The thermal imaging card Simply fascinating: Where this simple black foil gets warmer than 28 ° C, it starts to

Plastic Mirrors A4 size (10pcs)

37,08 incl. VAT 648138
Plastic Mirrors A4 size (10pcs) Plastic Mirrors A4 size (10pcs) Plastic Mirrors in a variety of affordable packs. Mirror packs

Wire 0,65mmx35m, silver

3,00 incl. VAT 990025
Wire VALORO 0,65mmx25m, silver

Wire 0,65mmx35m, copper

3,00 incl. VAT 992025
Wire VALORO 0,65mmx25m, copper

Hydrophobic Sand 227gr

27,29 incl. VAT
Hydrophobic Sand How can something immersed in water remain dry? When the normal, common sand gets wet then it becomes

Silicone tube 1m length

2,505,90 incl. VAT
Available in the following inner diameters:
  • 3mm    with 1mm wall thickness        outer diameter 5mm
  • 4mm    with 1mm wall thickness        outer diameter 6mm
  • 5mm    with 1mm wall thickness        outer diameter 7mm
  • 7mm    with 1.5mm wall thickness     outer diameter 10mm