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LEGO Education Animal Bingo

45,87 incl. VAT 745009
LEGO Education's Animal Bingo is a fast and fun building game that will excite young students!
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Duplo Building Plates

50,00 incl. VAT 709071
Duplo Building Plates Duplo Building Plates
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Community Minifigure Set

65,50 incl. VAT 745022
With the Community Minifigure Set, children will explore community life through an inspiring collection of characters living out everyday scenes!
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Large Building Plates

48,00 incl. VAT 709286
Large Building Plates Large Building Plates
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Duplo Our Town

153,75 incl. VAT 745021
Build with Duplo Our Town and discover the happening in this buzzing town!
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LEGO Education Vehicles Set

133,99 incl. VAT 709333
With the Vehicles Set, students will build various vehicles that they encounter in their daily lives while at the same time they will be trained in traffic education.
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