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This oversized chart shows several strains of bacteria in a petri dish view. The colorful illustrations on the poster are


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Bilharzia, also known as Schistosmiasis or snail fever, is a parasitic disease caused by fluke in the genus Schistosoma. The

Bone Structure

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The structure of the human bone has many layers. The anatomy of the bone is shown in cross section on

Cattle Tape Worm

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There are parasites out there that can cross between humans and animals. One such parasite is the cattle tape worm,

Cell Division I Chart, MitosisΚυτταρική Διαίρεση Ι, Μίτωση

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Any good student of biology needs to understand Mitosis. This oversized anatomical chart shows the process of mitosis in graphic

Cell Division I, Meiosis

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This colorful wall chart details cellular division, meiosis. Mammal cells are used as the template to illustrate the process of

Embryology I

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Embryology is the study of embryos and their development. This oversized anatomical poster looks at the human embryo with colorful

Embryology II Chart

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This oversized anatomical chart illustrates Embryology in graphic detail. Embryology is the study of embryos and their development. It deals

Endocrine Glands

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The endocrine glands are easy to overlook but these glands regulate all the systems of the body with the hormones

Formation of monozygotic and dizygotic twins

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Take the study of human development to a new level with this oversized colorful anatomical chart of the formation of

Healthy Denture Chart

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This anatomical chart explores healthy human dentition from several angles. On this chart, the interior anatomy of an adult tooth

Human Cell Structure

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This oversized anatomical chart displays the organelles of a human cell in colorful detail. The microanatomy of the interior of