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Primary Science® Mix & Measure Set

55,01 incl. VAT 912783
Primary Science® Mix & Measure Set This colour coded measuring set for preschoolers is ideal for helping children build an

Tock the Learning Clock

40,00 incl. VAT 902385
Tock the Learning Clock is the kids learning clock helping children to tell the time. Turn the clock hands and

What time is it?

14,00 incl. VAT 901830
What time is it?Learn pleasantly the time with the help of the animals of the jungle!

Time Activity Set

25,00 incl. VAT 903220
Everything you need to teach time to young learners!

Pan Balance Jr.

29,00 incl. VAT 100898
Strong and durable pan balance features 1000ml translucent graduated pans. Includes sliding compensator for calibration.

1 Litre Bucket Balance

38,01 incl. VAT 175104
This durable plastic balance is designed for learning weight and hands-on measurement

Time & Seasons, chart 70x100cm

15,13 incl. VAT 901003
Time & Seasons, chart 70x100cm

School Calendar Magnetic

85,56 incl. VAT 130155
School Calendar Magnetic School Calendar Magnetic A complete instrument for knowledge of the day, week, month, year, seasons, etc., which

Day/Night Teacher: Classroom Clock Set

240,00 incl. VAT 122126
Day/Night Teacher: Classroom Clock Set Day/Night Teacher: Classroom Clock Set Classroom set includes 1 Day/Night Teacher® Demonstration Clock, 24 Day/Night

Tape Measure 100cm

1,36 incl. VAT 152442
Tape Measure 100cm Tape Measure 100cm One metre tape measure marked in centimetres and millimetres. Specification 100cm. 1 piece

Thermometer Operation Demo

19,72 incl. VAT 195747
Thermometer Operation Demo Thermometer Operation Demo Comes with an adjustable band and both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Boiling, body, room,

Beaker Set PMP

12,28 incl. VAT 196041
Beaker Set PMP Beaker Set PMP | Ingenious models prove different geometric shapes hold the same volume. The set includes

Big Learning Clock

15,00 incl. VAT 190101
Big Learning Clock Big Learning Clock Large clearly defined 24 hours clock with synchronized hands. The geared minute and hour

Student clock

6,50 incl. VAT 101190
Student clock Student clock 13cm in diameter with the following features: Can stand with a fixed support on back or

Teaching Clock for Students

3,60 incl. VAT 190203
Teaching Clock for Students Teaching Clock for Students with gears 12 and 24 hours    

Teaching Clock (magnetic)

22,20 incl. VAT 101014
Teaching Clock (magnetic) Teaching Clock (magnetic) This 41 cm large clearly defined clock is perfect for classroom demonstration. The hands

Rechargeable Stopwatches (12pcs)

170,00 incl. VAT 444485
Rechargeable Stopwatches (12pcs) Rechargeable Stopwatches (12pcs) He rechargeable stopwatch that just keeps going and going! An essential class set of

Mass Cube Set 10x10x51mm Set of 4

13,52 incl. VAT 620112
Mass Cube Set 10x10x51mm Set of 4 Mass Cube Set 10x10x51mm Set of 4 The Set of 4 Metals of

Cylinder set of 5 same volume different weight

25,00 incl. VAT 620115
Cylinder set of 5 same volume different weight Cylinder set of 5 same volume different weight set of 5 Aluminum

Cylinder set of 6 same volume different weight

30,00 incl. VAT 620113
Cylinder set of 6 same volume different weight Cylinder sets of 6 same volume different weight set of 6 Aluminum

Multi-Functional Measuring Balance

54,99 incl. VAT 101054
Multi-Functional Measuring Balance Multi-Functional Measuring Balance This balance is specially developed for primary schools Very stable and very time balancing

Exploring Weight & Density

104,04 incl. VAT 170300
Exploring Weight & Density Exploring Weight & Density With the help of this set, pupils get the first contact and

Mass Cube Set of 10pcs

10,50 incl. VAT 620111
Mass Cube Set of 10pcs Mass Cube Set of 10pcs This product includes: Br, Cu, Al, Fe, Zn, Pb, Wood,

Cubes 2×2 set (10pcs)

31,00 incl. VAT 620120
Set of Cubes 2×2 (10 pcs) Cubes 2×2 set (10pcs) This set includes cubes made from different materials such as:

Mass Cube Set 18pcs

42,04 incl. VAT 620109
Mass Cube Set 18pcs The Mass Cube Set 18pcs consists of: Br, Cu, Aluminium, Fe, Zn, Pb from lighter to

Metal Weights

13,00 incl. VAT 110542
Metal weights Metal Weights 1g x 2pcs, 2g x 2pcs, 5g x 2pcs, 10g x 2pcs, 20g X 2pcs, 50g


16,00 incl. VAT
Sandtimer - A series of 8 sandtimers in 8 colors depending on total time. Price per sandtimer.

Small Sandtimers 3 pcs

5,46 incl. VAT 385283
Small Sandtimers 3 pcs Small Sandtimers 3 pcs 9 cm, x 2,5 cm.SET OF 4. Time becomes visible. How long

Mini Sandtimers 5 pcs

9,00 incl. VAT 385188
Mini Sandtimers 5 pcs Mini Sandtimers 5 pcs (1/2, 1, 3, 5, 10)min 9cm height

Jumbo Timer Digital

14,00 incl. VAT 392077
Jumbo Timer Digital Jumbo Timer Digital Large clear digital display (75 x 53mm) which times up or down in 1

Mini Timer

6,08 incl. VAT 320302
Mini Timer Mini Timer These popular and easy-to-use timers have a large, clear display. You can use this timer for