Binocular Microscope 1000x, with X-LED, B-192PL

650,00 incl. VAT 220192
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Binocular Microscope 1000x

415,00 incl. VAT 220069


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Binocular Microscope 1000x LED

380,00 incl. VAT 221210
Binocular Microscope 1000x LED Binocular Microscope 1000x LED is a modern binocular microscope ideal for students and mainly primary schools
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Binocular microscope 1000x, double layer stage

515,00 incl. VAT 220159
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Trinocular Microscope 1000x B-193PL

750,00 incl. VAT 220193
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Trinocular Biological Microscope 1000x

682,00 incl. VAT 221202
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