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A Closer Look at Aspirin

84,90 105,28 με ΦΠΑ 311773
Investigate the chemistry behind aspirin&apos s effects Aspirin is the most widely used over-the-counter medication in the world. Do your

Acid Rain, Weathering, & Erosion

109,90 136,28 με ΦΠΑ 301017
Acid rain can be devastating to aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial areas. It not only effects naturally-occurring surfaces, such as rocky

Acids, Bases & pH Scale

161,29 200,00 με ΦΠΑ 360001
In this lab, you will gain an understanding of the basic differences between the properties of acids and bases. Know

Chemical Identification of Biomolecules

99,90 123,88 με ΦΠΑ 360002
Understand the importance of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids in living organisms. Students will learn to identify a positive test result

Discovering Polemers

56,45 70,00 με ΦΠΑ 340475
Investigate the chemistry behind polymers with the 4 activities in this kit. Explore superabsorbant polymers with the Invisible Crystal and the Super Sponge activities, make slime, and turn a liquid into a rubber ball that bounces. Materials are sufficient for 5 demonstrations.

Electrochemical Remediation of Wastewater

59,90 74,28 με ΦΠΑ 360007
Water pollution is one of the largest threats facing the global population. Water is a finite resource. Once polluted, it

NanoTechnology – Ironmagnetics (ferro-fluid)

99,90 123,88 με ΦΠΑ 360003
A magnetic liquid, also known as a ferrofluid, may seem like a space-age concept.That&apos s because it is! Now you

Nylon Synthesis Set

48,39 60,00 με ΦΠΑ 340339
Observe the polymerization of nylon with this fun and easy demonstration. The nylon rope trick engages students in organic chemistry and opens the door to a discussion about polymer synthesis, properties, and its many applications. This demonstration requires approximately 15 min, and materials are sufficient for it to be performed 5 times

Production of Biodiesel

145,16 180,00 με ΦΠΑ 502011

Properties of Shampoo

79,90 99,08 με ΦΠΑ 311763
What’ s in a shampoo? Learn the secrets behind shampoos – what they&apos re made of and how they work!

Properties of Toothpaste

159,90 198,28 με ΦΠΑ 311783
A fun look at how toothpaste works! How does toothpaste work? What is it made of? Are all brands the

Super Water Absorbent Polymers

52,42 65,00 με ΦΠΑ 340672
Super Water Absorbent Polymers Super Water Absorbent Polymers Water absorbent polymers are essential in uses ranging from agriculture to personal