Grove – I2C Color Sensor V2

16,33 incl. VAT 720341
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Grove Rotary Angle Sensor

6,00 incl. VAT 722735
Use the Grove Rotary Angle Sensor to quickly add a potentiometer to your prototype.
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Grove Rotary Angle Sensor(P)

4,50 incl. VAT 721348
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Grove – Barometer (High-Accuracy)

44,42 incl. VAT 720068
The Grove - Barometer (High-Accuracy) it can be used on Arduino/Seeeduino or Seeeduino Stalker without modification.It is designed to be connected directly to a micro-controller via the I2C bus.
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Grove Temperature and Humidity Sensor

11,78 incl. VAT 721036
Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor is a high quality, low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor based on the DHT11 module.
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Grove Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro

16,00 incl. VAT 721035
This sensor is a high accuracy Temperature and Humidity sensor based on the DHT22 module (also known as AM2302 or RHT03)
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Grove – 6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope

20,46 incl. VAT 720012
Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope is a cost-effective Grove sensor integrated with a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope.
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Grove Temperature Sensor

6,00 incl. VAT 723292
The Grove Temperature Sensor uses a thermistor to measure ambient temperature. The resistance of the thermistor changes based on ambient
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Grove Tilt Switch

3,04 incl. VAT 722863
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Grove 3-axis Analog Accelerometer (ADXL335)

20,47 incl. VAT 721351
The module was designed as ADXL335 breakout board. It comes with 3 analog outputs for X, Y and Z 3-axis measurements. The accelerometer sensor combined 3.3 and 5V power supply, can be used in standard Arduino device.
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Grove IR Receiver

6,00 incl. VAT 721316
The Grove IR Receiver is used to receive infrared signals and also used for remote control detection
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Grove – 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g) (ADXL-345 ) also called ‘Gyro’

13,96 incl. VAT 721354
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g) (ADXL-345 ) also called 'Gyro' Based on the excellent ADXL-345, this I2C digital 3-axis accelerometer has excellent EMI protection. Its variable output makes it suitable for a wide range of applications:HDD shock protection Vibration sensor Game controller input Robotics Smart vehicles Anywhere you need to obtain motion-sensing & orientation information.
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Grove – Magnetic Switch

6,00 incl. VAT 721338
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Grove Infrared Reflective Sensor

9,00 incl. VAT 727061
Αισθητήρας Ανάκλασης Υπερύθρων
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Grove – Digital Distance Interrupter 0,5 to 5cm(GP2Y0D805Z0F)(P)

15,40 incl. VAT 720578
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Grove – 80cm Infrared Proximity Sensor

29,00 incl. VAT 721342
This sensor is quite small and use a tiny connector called the Japan Solderless Terminal (JST) connector.
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Grove – Moisture Sensor

6,88 incl. VAT 721308
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Grove – GPS

49,00 incl. VAT 722003
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Grove – IR Distance Interrupter

8,30 incl. VAT 721340
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Grove – Mouse Encoder

12,19 incl. VAT 720030
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Grove – Micro Switch

5,99 incl. VAT 720143
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Grove Button

2,42 incl. VAT 722242
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Grove – Capacitive Moisture Sensor (Corrosion Resistant)

12,30 incl. VAT 720614
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