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Crib kitchen

170,00 incl. VAT 956136
Crib kitchen The ideal height for crèche children to promote role play ideal for children from 1 to 4 years

Wooden Kitchen and Dishwasher

110,00 incl. VAT 900064
Wooden Kitchen and Dishwasher An adorable wooden children’s kitchen with washing machine ideal in height and size for young children

Barnyard Friends Build & Spin

29,00 incl. VAT 909221
Barnyard Friends Build & Spin An early introduction to our Gears! Gears! Gears! Building Sets. Small children will love joining

Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops

17,00 incl. VAT 905567
Little ones pour, sift, funnel, and scoop their way to fine motor skills with this set of colourful Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops. Sized just right for little hands, the 4 fun fine motor tools in this set each come with a unique way to scoop: children can rotate and sift; funnel and stamp; twist and pour; or practise a whole-hand scooping motion. Made from colourful wipe-clean plastic, these scoops are ready for fun in sensory bins at home or in the classroom. They’re ideal for use in the sandbox, water table, or other play spaces to add a touch of fine motor sensory fun to playtime.Perfect for sensory bins, sandboxes, water tables and more in the classroom or at home, children build hand strength, coordination, and other essential fine motor skills when they scoop and play with these sensory toys.
  • Sized for little hands, these fine motor tools come with 4 ways to scoop – rotate and sift, funnel and stamp, twist and pour, or scoop.
  • Made from durable, wipe-clean plastic, these sensory scoops are ready for use in sensory bins, sand boxes, water tables, and more.
  • Includes 4 scoops.

Translucent blocks

42,00 incl. VAT 932162
Translucent blocks Construction game consisting of 100 interlocking pieces of different sizes and colours. The little ones will be able to

Transparent Building Blocks, 50 pcs

69,90 incl. VAT 997082
Transparent Building Blocks, 50 pcs For building towers, bridges, houses, castles… many different game options 6 shapes in 5 colors

Translucent Math Color Rings

19,90 incl. VAT 932160
Translucent Math Color Rings Set of 16 translucent rings and 4 activity cards with different themes and degrees of difficulty,

Translucent Musical Counters

24,80 incl. VAT 997901
Translucent Musical Counters Set of translucent counters in various colors and in the shape of musical notes. With this game, boys

Active World Tuff Tray Cover

54,00 incl. VAT 906090
A useful, hard wearing cover for your Active World Tray

Emotions Puppets

59,00 incl. VAT 164001
Set of 6 glove puppets for learning about emotions, four of which are reversible.

Suitable for kids aged 3-8 years old.

Doctor Play Set

25,00 incl. VAT 909057
Pretend & Play® Doctor Play Set

Betzold table tent, red

45,00 incl. VAT 958813
Betzold table tent, red So every table becomes a playhouse Curtains with Velcro 2 opening windows very robust fabric  

Sand and water play table

69,90 incl. VAT 952300
Sand and water play table With 13 sand toys included! including tarpaulin for inside & outside ideal for hot summer

Nuts and Bolts

22,01 incl. VAT 945303
Large nuts and bolts, with 3 basic geometric shapes: Circle, Square and Triangle.Age from 2 to 6 years

Sensory Reflective Colour Mystery Balls – Pk6

37,00 incl. VAT 972265
Sensory Reflective Colour Mystery Balls – Pk6 Robustly constructed from colourful stainless steel, these 6 reflective mirror balls have individual

Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Balls Pk4

37,00 incl. VAT 972221
Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Balls Pk4 Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Balls Beautiful multi-coloured balls robustly constructed from hard wearing, hand

Sensory Reflective Silver Balls Pk4

40,00 incl. VAT 972201
Sensory Reflective Silver Balls Pk4 Sensory Reflective Silver Balls Pk4 Robustly constructed from hard wearing stainless steel, these beautiful smooth

Abacolor Shapes

15,00 incl. VAT 945310
Plastic abacus formed by 5 columns and with 50 pieces in assorted colors and shapes.Ages 3 to 6 years old

Sand for Montessori methodology (12 Kg)

29,90 incl. VAT 111728
The mess-free creative play resource.


22,01 incl. VAT 932350
Character set with interchangeable pieces that allow you to freely create nice characters Ages 2 to 6 years old

Safari Park Mat

39,68 incl. VAT 906099
Safari Park Mat 906099 Simply place the mat in the Active World tray (builder’s tray) and add materials for a realistic