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pH Conductivity TDS Tester

230,00 incl. VAT 898130
pHmeter and Conductivity tester
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pH Tester 0-14pH ATC

99,00 incl. VAT 830013
pH 0-14 Resolution: 0.1pH Accuracy: ± 0,1 ATC IP 67 The Kit includes: pH 7 and pH 4 buffer solutions in a 25 ml sachet, storage solution in sachet, calibration cap, strap, handkerchiefs and cardboard case. Includes 2x batteries 1.5V AAA
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Online pH meter

600,00 incl. VAT 890620
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pH Checker 0 – 14

70,00 incl. VAT 800050
Πεχάμετρο Τσέπης 0.0 έως 14.0 pH nΑκρίβεια μέτρησης pH ±0.2 pH nΑυτόματη βαθμονόμηση δύο σημείων nΔιαθέτει ρυθμιστικά διαλύματα βαθμονόμησης
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Spare pH Electrode HI1271

30,00 incl. VAT 801271
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pH Electrode E201-BNC

70,00 incl. VAT 890201
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Portable pH meter

470,00 incl. VAT 890220
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Portable pH and Ion meter

800,00 incl. VAT 890320
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Portable Turbidity Meter

700,00 incl. VAT 890100
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