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KID K’NEX Classroom Collection

59,00 incl. VAT 978690A
The KID K'NEX Classroom Collection contains KID K'NEX Rods, Connectors, and KID K'NEX Blocks can be used by children with varying manipulative skills.
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KID K’NEX Transportation

115,00 incl. VAT 978830
With K'NEX Transportation Set, younger students will construct and learn about vehicles that we use in our daily lives!
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Lilliputian Engineers

99,00 incl. VAT 777705
The Lilliputian Engineers Set contains building elements that can be used to teach kindergarteners and first graders to discover how the world works using DUPLO®.
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Lilliputians Control Set

80,00 incl. VAT 777704
Bring your constructions to life with this SET. It includes a motor and axles to connect to 3 differentials to change the movement on the axles of your constructions, as well as a remote controller.
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LEGO Education Animal Bingo

45,87 incl. VAT 745009
LEGO Education's Animal Bingo is a fast and fun building game that will excite young students!
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Gigo Speed Chaser

33,00 incl. VAT 407426
n nΤα δημιουργικά κυβάκια μπορούν να εμπνεύσουν τη δημιουργικότητα και τη φαντασία στα παιδιά! n n
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Gigo Theme Park

55,80 incl. VAT 407267
Gigo Theme Park Gigo Theme Park The little engineer series new build theme “Happy Amusement Park” allows you to complete
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Gigo Tools Junior Engineer

28,50 incl. VAT 407457
The basic set for junior engineer.
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Gigo Cars Junior Engineer

55,01 incl. VAT 407263
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Gigo Dino Park

33,00 incl. VAT 407424
Αγαπημένοι δεινόσαυροι! Κατασκευάστε 7 διαφορετικά μοντέλα και περάστε αξέχαστες ώρες διασκέδασης μαζί τους!
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K’NEX – Build A Bunch – Building Set

30,00 incl. VAT 985422A
Your child can build anything they imagine with KID K'NEX Build a Bunch!
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Gigo Plastic Beads

32,00 incl. VAT 101041
Ιδανικό πακέτο για την εκμάθηση προμαθηματικών εννοιών.
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Tubes Set

119,00 incl. VAT 709076
With the Tubes Set, children will develop fine motor skills and problem-solving skills while discovering new ways to connect pipes and build their own models.Set includes 142 parts in a big storage bin.
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Duplo Letters

135,00 incl. VAT 745027
Play with your A-B-Cs using Duplo Letters!
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Duplo Tubes

168,00 incl. VAT 745026
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Gigo Planes Junior Engineer

55,01 incl. VAT 407264
The little engineer series is an all-new build theme.
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