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Trundle Wheel

37,08 incl. VAT 345550
Trundle Wheel Trundle Wheel This plastic trundle wheel comes with a loud, non-wearing, clicking device that is activated in either

Tape Measure 100cm

1,36 incl. VAT 152442
Tape Measure 100cm Tape Measure 100cm One metre tape measure marked in centimetres and millimetres. Specification 100cm. 1 piece

Measuring Tape 10pc /100cm x 3cm

13,50 incl. VAT 110550
Measuring Tape 10pc /100cm x 3cm Measuring Tape 10pc /100cm x 3cm

Tape Measures 100cm – Pk10

13,52 incl. VAT 152443
Tape Measures 100cm – Pk10 Tape Measures 100cm – Pk10 A set of 10 one metre tape measures marked in

Tape Measures

18,5020,00 incl. VAT
Tape Measures Tape Measures   Available in: 10m 30m