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Aluminum Pulley

3,606,82 incl. VAT
Aluminum Pulley Aluminum Pulley 50mm diameter two hooks mounted in metallic frame. Available in: Single Double Triple

Pulley for axle 2mm

0,500,86 incl. VAT
Pulley for axle 2mm Pulley for axle 2mm color black Available in the following diameters: 8mm 10mm 12mm 18mm 25mm

Pulley 40mm Axle 4mm

0,451,20 incl. VAT

Double tandem pulley

4,84 incl. VAT 664602
Double tandem pulley, Aluminium, Φ40mm, 50mm Double tandem pulley Φ40mm, 50mm Aluminium

Triple tandem pulley

6,08 incl. VAT 664603
Triple tandem pulley Triple tandem pulley Φ30mm, 40mm, 50mm Aluminium


4,096,45 incl. VAT
Plastic Pulley Plastic Pulley 50mm diameter plastic pulley with two hooks mounted in plastic frame. Available in: Single Double Triple