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Projectile Launcher, Spring Loaded

99,00 incl. VAT 600343
  • All inclusive lab guide to teach 2 Dimensional Motion, muzzle velocity, launch angle.
  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel
  • Accurate and repeatable trajectories and distances due to fine tune launch mechanism and minimal ball spin
  • 1 Degree increment launch angle resolution
  • Fine thread adjustable launch force.
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Projectile Launcher with Photo Gate

170,00 incl. VAT 630898
 Accessories included:* Solenoid, 5V operated * MS Ball * Photo-gate * Projectile Launcher with Photo Gate 
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Study Of Ballistics Kit

49,48 incl. VAT 630838
Study Of Ballistics Kit Study Of Ballistics Kit Ballistics is the science of mechanics that deals with the launching, flight,
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