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Ammonium DiChromate 250gr

30,00 incl. VAT 330120
Ammonium DiChromate 250gr99%(NH4)2Cr2O7M.W. : 252.07 g/molCAS Number : 7789-09-5 

Ammonium DiChromate 500g 99%

50,00 incl. VAT 330128
Ammonium DiChromate 500g 99% Ammonium dichromate, Ammonium bichromate, Ammonium pyrochromate, vesuvian fire (NH4)2Cr2O7 M.W: 252.07 g/mol Cas Number: 7789-09-5

Potassium DiChromate 250g 99%

28,00 incl. VAT 330126
Potassium DiChromate 250g 99% Potassium dichromate(VI), potassium bichromate, bichromate of potash, dipotassium dichromate, dichromic acid, dipotassium salt, chromic acid, dipotassium salt K2Cr2O7 M.W: 294.185 g/mol Cas Number: 7778-50-9

Sodium DiChromate (500gr)

20,00 incl. VAT 330124
Sodium DiChromate (500gr) Sodium dichromate is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2Cr2O7. However, the salt is usually handled as its dihydrate Na2Cr2O7·2H2O. Virtually all chromium ores