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Elecromagnetic Field Experiment

70,00 incl. VAT 570350
Elecromagnetic Field Experiment Demonstrates the field patterns associated with different shapes / configurations of current carrying conductor – rectangular, circular
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Demonstration Dynamo DC

70,00 incl. VAT 590646
Demonstration Dynamo DC Demonstration Dynamo DC This model is mounted on a base plate 200 x 125 mm approx. which
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Demonstration Dynamo AC/DC

90,00 incl. VAT 590645
Demonstration Dynamo AC/DC Demonstration Dynamo AC/DC This model is mounted on a base 255 x 180 mm approx. which also
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Gear Driven Generator

42,00 incl. VAT 591090
Gear Driven Generator Gear Driven Generator Model mounted on a stand, which also carries a hand crank connected via gears
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Faraday’s Electomagnetic Induction Demonstrator

110,00 incl. VAT 570830
Faraday’s Electomagnetic Induction Demonstrator   Instructions Connect the black sockets of the instrument with 4 mm flexible banana plug lead
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Magnetizing And Demagnetizing Coil

50,00 incl. VAT 570770
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Ampere Rule Apparatus

25,00 incl. VAT 500839
Ampere Rule Apparatus This Ampere Rule Apparatus allows student to study the magnetic field around a wire. Heavy brass wire
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Experimental electromagnetism Large kit

65,00 incl. VAT 510004
The Experimental electromagnetism Large kit provides the equipment for studying the laws of circuits and the generated magnetic fields.
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