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MBL Temperature Sensor

61,88 incl. VAT 741001
MBL Temperature Sensor MBL Temperature Sensor Range: -25 ~ 25 ο C Resolution: /- 0.1 ο C Sensor type: Thermistor
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MBL pH Sensor

123,88 incl. VAT 741005
MBL pH Sensor MBL pH Sensor for measuring pH and redox values in aqueous solutions. Includes cable with 8-pin miniDIN
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MBL Magnetic Field Sensor

123,88 incl. VAT 741007
MBL Magnetic Field Sensor MBL Magnetic Field Sensor Range: -50G ~ 50G Resolution: 0.024G (12bit) Sensor depth: 5.0mm Sensor type:
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MBL Relative Humidity Sensor

123,88 incl. VAT 741008
MBL Relative Humidity Sensor MBL Relative Humidity Sensor Range%: 0 – 100% Resolution: 0.1% Suitable for laboratory use
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MBL Differential Voltage Probe

74,28 incl. VAT 741009
MBL Differential Voltage Probe MBL Differential Voltage Probe Input range: ± 12V Maximum input voltage: ± 14.5V Resolution (12bit): 3.1mV
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MBL Current Probe

74,28 incl. VAT 741010
MBL Current Probe MBL Current Probe Range: DC -1.0 ~ 1.0 A Resolution: /- 0.6 mA (12bit) Suitable for laboratory
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MBL Sound Level Meter

310,00 incl. VAT 741013
MBL Sound Level Meter MBL Sound Level Meter (Decibel Meter) Range: 35 ~ 130dB Accuracy: / – 1.5dB Suitable for
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MBL Acceleration Sensor 5G

161,20 incl. VAT 741014
MBL Acceleration Sensor 5G You can use the MBL Acceleration Sensor 5G for many experiments inside and outside of the
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