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Grove Pi & Base Kit

149,00 incl. VAT 725050
GrovePi helps you build your own smart devices. The Base Kit includes the GrovePi board and 12 Grove sensors so you can build anything from a weather station or plant monitoring station to a MINECRAFT controller or automated rain notifier. Raspberry Pi sold separately.


Original price was: €49,48.Current price is: €20,00. incl. VAT 711663
The perfect little add-on to drive motors, make sounds, and learn how to interface electronics with your Pi. Invent programs

PiStorms v2

199,00 incl. VAT 701069
Use PiStorms to make LEGO Robot with Raspberry Pi Brains! Works with Raspberry Pi A , B , Pi 2 & Pi 3

RaspiRobot Board

Original price was: €32,86.Current price is: €18,60. incl. VAT 711561


Original price was: €65,00.Current price is: €33,48. incl. VAT 711550
Arduberry works with Arduino & the Raspberry Pi, a powerful little computer. It allows you to access lower level functions on Arduino shields for more precise control.