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Lilliputian Engineers

99,00 incl. VAT 777705
The Lilliputian Engineers Set contains building elements that can be used to teach kindergarteners and first graders to discover how the world works using DUPLO®.
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Lilliputians Control Set

80,00 incl. VAT 777704
Bring your constructions to life with this SET. It includes a motor and axles to connect to 3 differentials to change the movement on the axles of your constructions, as well as a remote controller.
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Playfoam Classic 8 Pack

15,00 incl. VAT 901906
The mess-free creative play resource.
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Gigo Speed Chaser

33,00 incl. VAT 407426
n nΤα δημιουργικά κυβάκια μπορούν να εμπνεύσουν τη δημιουργικότητα και τη φαντασία στα παιδιά! n n
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Gigo Symphony of Cars

32,00 incl. VAT 407270
Gigo Symphony of Cars 7 cute models enable children to start getting into the world of vehicles With useful tools
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Gigo Wonderful World

57,99 incl. VAT 941230
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Pattern Blocks Plastic

23,00 incl. VAT 101042
Ιδανικά για την προσέγγιση γεωμετρικών και προμαθηματικών εννοιών.
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Count & Color Choo Choo™

36,00 incl. VAT 907742
Μάθετε και παίξτε με τους αριθμούς με αυτό το απίθανο τρένο! n nΔύο κλασικά παιχνίδια προσχολικής ηλικίας σε ένα! Συνδυάζει το τρενάκι με σχήματα – τουβλάκια! n nΤα παιδιά θα λατρέψουν να φορτώνουν το τρενάκι με τα τουβλάκια!
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Gigo Cars Junior Engineer

55,01 incl. VAT 407263
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Gigo Creative Machine

39,00 incl. VAT 941275
Gigo Creative Machine Gigo Creative Machine | This kit is mainly composed of Gigo A Blocks, Junior Engineer. Easy to
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Pattern Blocks triangular tray

7,56 incl. VAT 101162
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Gigo Planes Junior Engineer

55,01 incl. VAT 407264
The little engineer series is an all-new build theme.
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Gigo Robots

55,01 incl. VAT 407268
This cool robotic kit has a new gear wheel feature!
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Tell Time Flip Chart – Teacher

18,10 incl. VAT 153887
Τα παιδιά μαθαίνουν και ανακαλύπτουν, παίζοντας με μοναδικό τρόπο, την έννοια και την κατανόηση της ώρας.
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TechCard Set 4 models

34,00 incl. VAT STEAM_Γ
TechCard Set 4 models Truck with pneumatics Bridge DoorBell Car with worm gear  
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TechCard Set 4 models

40,00 incl. VAT STEAM_Δ
TechCard Set 4 models Propelled vehicle Desk Lamp Excavator with 2 pneumatic elements Formula F1  
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Math Balance

32,00 incl. VAT 101603

Build the bases of arithmetic! Children will learn the numbers and the concept of equivalence through a fun process!

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Crunchers Division

65,00 incl. VAT 175083
Crunchers Division Crunchers Division Maths Crunchers: A highly motivational, fun, and simple product to use. These bone-shaped crunchers are printed
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Times Table Crunchers

60,00 incl. VAT 175095
Times Table Crunchers Maths Crunchers: A highly motivational, fun, and simple product to use. These bone-shaped crunchers are printed black
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Shopping time (Easy Set)

25,00 incl. VAT 186931
Shopping time (Easy Set) Shopping time (Easy Set) The children get a shopping list and an amount of money. They
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