Interactive Coding Robot UARO

UARO is an innovative product that combines interactive programming and robotics.
It is the new concept item for education that helps the kids to
develop creativity, logical thinking, thinking ability and understanding while assembling and programming the robot by themselves.

Welcome to an Interactive Coding World

Do you still have trouble training in a difficult programming language?
With UARO, the kids can learn coding easily by recognizing the process in various ways according to pictures, shape and color by using a coding board and coding blocks.

Assemble Teaching Aids with a
New Concept Education Item

It is designed to be easy to use for kids, and they can easily make shape whatever they want. It helps the co-ordination of eyes and hands and development of small muscles through assembly process.

Playfully Program

Kids can learn various coding methodologies through application as the coding board and blocks helps them develop logical thinking while they play around with UARO.


The UARO Training Proposal starts with the first level (STEP 1) with which children will learn to assemble a step-by-step model using frames of various shapes and sizes, joining them with screws and bolts and adding motors and wheels to give it movement. . This is how they will learn to follow instructions, apply them, test, solve a problem and think of new ways to build.

Τhey will build in total 12 models.

After familiarizing themselves with the assembly and providing movement with motors and light with LEDs (Level 1), children can move to Level 2 , moving their robot remotely with the remote control. and understand the use of sensors.

They will build in total12 new models which can move with remote control.

UARO Level 1 (STEP 1) is required to build models.

In Level 3 children will learn to program their robot by placing the tiles with the commands on the coding board in the order the robot wants them to execute. Through this process, children will approach algorithmic thinking and develop logical sequence and creative thinking.

They will build in total 12 new models which can be moved either by remote control or using the board and special coding blocks.

Modeling and remote control are essential for the First
& Secobnd Level of UARO (STEP 1 & STEP 2).

UARO Training Level Program


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