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Nano SchoolBox 2.0

370,00 incl. VAT 360200
Get ready for NanoSchoolBox 2.0.

Magnetic Paper Α4

9,90 incl. VAT 553007
Magnetic Paper Α4 This polymer-based material has the thickness and flexibility of thin card. It contains a magnetic medium which

UV Security Pen

4,50 incl. VAT 890002
UV Security Pen The ink is invisible under normal light but shows up under a UV light.    

Kevlar Woven Fabric

20,00 incl. VAT 400001
Kevlar has many applications, ranging from bicycle tyres and racing sails to body armour because of its high strength-to-weight ratio,

Spectroscope with CD DVD

16,00 incl. VAT 490205
The performance of this ultra-low cost spectroscope is comparable with instruments typically costing much more. It uses a CD or

Two-Way Memory Spring

9,50 incl. VAT 690007
Two-Way Memory Spring These remarkable springs, based on a brass alloy, ‘remember’ to open up when heated and close again

FerroFluid 10ml

20,50 incl. VAT 300014
Το ρευστό παρέχεται σε πλαστικό φιαλίδιο που περιέχει 10ml FerroFluid. Στη συσκευασία περιλαβάνεται επίσης και ένας μαγνήτης (δίσκος).

Eco Film

11,00 incl. VAT 422051
Eco Film width 900mm thickness 75 μικρομέτραprice per meter

Memory Wire (1 meter)

20,00 incl. VAT 690011
Memory Wire (1 meter) Τhis nickel/titanium (NiTi) alloy initially ‘remembers’ that it should be straight. If it is bent into

UV Fluid, 50ml, Red

13,50 incl. VAT 890001
UV Fluid This liquid is non-toxic liquid paraffin containing a UV sensitive photochromic dye. Indoors it appears as a clear

Hydrophobic Sand 227gr

27,29 incl. VAT
Hydrophobic Sand How can something immersed in water remain dry? When the normal, common sand gets wet then it becomes
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Chromatography Kit

12,00 incl. VAT 390006
Chromatography Kit Chromatography Kit Practical paper chromatography offers motivational learning opportunities, but relies on standard analytical grade papers or much